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RE: Icicles and org-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Icicles and org-mode
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 09:40:39 -0700

> I'm a very happy icicles user and also a very happy orgmode 
> user. But I have the impression icicles and orgmode don't
> understand each other so well. 
> If I try to refile (org-refile) a headline I should get a list of my
> agenda files in the minibuffer if I press TAB. This does not work with
> icicles really well. 
> I send a screenshot of what emacs is doing in such cases.

Sorry for your trouble.  Please follow up off list so we can try to find the
problem and fix it.  You can always report back here if anyone else is

Let me know your Emacs version and try to provide a clear step-by-step recipe,
preferably starting from `emacs -Q' (no init file).  Describe what happens at
each step and what you expected to happen instead.

[If you cannot reproduce the problem from `emacs -Q', let me know about any
customizations of Icicles and Org, and try at least to repro it from `emacs -Q'
+ Icicles + Org + their customizations (i.e. without any other stuff).]

I do not use Org mode myself, but I will take a look.  Ccing Bastien Guerry, who
is involved with Org development and might also be able to help with this.

Thx - Drew

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