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Re: Why does Emacs make it difficult for me to have two frames open thes

From: Kevin Tran
Subject: Re: Why does Emacs make it difficult for me to have two frames open thesame buffer?
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:17:09 -0700

I didn't know how else to explain what I was seeing. It turns out that this is 
a feature of ido-mode. The defaults for "Ido Default Buffer Method" and "Ido 
Default File Method" are "Raise frame if already shown".

On Apr 13, 2012, at 2:34 PM, Drew Adams wrote:

>> I have 2 frames. I switch the buffer in first frame to buffer 
>> A. When I try to switch the buffer in the second frame to 
>> buffer A, Emacs brings the first frame forward. What I want 
>> is to open buffer A in both frames. Is there a setting that 
>> makes Emacs bring the other frame forward when buffer A is 
>> already opened in it?
> You don't give enough info to understand your situation.  It doesn't sound 
> like
> you are starting from `emacs -Q', so I suspect some setting in your init file 
> or
> your `custom-file' is determining the behavior you see.
> Try from `emacs -Q', and if you still see the problem, give us a recipe, step 
> by
> step.  If not, then try to narrow down your init file to discover what is
> causing that behavior.
> When I do this, I see no such behavior:
> emacs -Q
> `C-x 5 2' to get another frame.
> `C-x C-f foo.el' in one frame.
> `C-x b f TAB RET' in the other frame.

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