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Re: Emacs hangs when using tramp with su

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Emacs hangs when using tramp with su
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 19:49:43 +0200
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Mathias Millet <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi everyone,

Hi Mathias,

> After reinstalling my system, I found out that I couldnt have tramp
> working anymore, it hangs right after i enter my password.
> Here is what exactly happens : I type in C-x C-f /su:address@hidden:
> Here emacs asks for my password, which I provide. It then hangs,
> showing the above string in the minibuffer, and after some time :
> Tramp: Waiting for prompts from remote shell
> After i cancel the operation, i have :
> Here is what is in the tramp/su address@hidden buffer :
> Password: Password: 
> su: incorrect password
> Process *tramp/su address@hidden exited abnormally with code 125
> And here is what's in debug tramp/su address@hidden :

It is not the complete debug buffer. For further analysis. I would need
the full Tramp traces (best send as attachment, non-ASCII chars matter!).

If you do not want to show the traces publicly, you could send them to
me off list.

> So if anyone has an idea of what might cause this, I've been searching
> but couldn't find anything really usefull...

At least the first line of your trace looks very suspicious, a lot of
escape sequences in the prompt.

> Thanks

Best regards, Michael.

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