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Making emacsclient more friendly toward multiple terminal tabs

From: Aaron Meurer
Subject: Making emacsclient more friendly toward multiple terminal tabs
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 16:35:55 -0600


I've been using emacsclient in the terminal as my editor for some
time, and it works pretty well.  There are a few issues, though, where
one emacsclient will interact with another in annoying ways.  My setup
is that I have several terminal tabs open, and I run emacsclient in
each one whenever I want to edit a file.  I start emacsclient with
emacsclient -a "" -nw (via a bash alias).  Here are some issues that I

- If one emacsclient has a question in the minibuffer, then the others
are all locked out until I answer the question.  For example, if I
modify a file without saving and do C-x C-c, it asks me if I want to
save.  All other emacsclients are locked out completely until I answer
yes or no.  Even C-g or ESC ESC ESC have no effect (nor do y or n).

- Very often, when I close an emacsclient (with C-x C-s C-x C-c), it
bugs me about saving buffers in other emacsclients.

- If I open a file, make a change, then close it without saving, and
reopen it, the change is still there.  I understand why this happens,
because the buffer remains open in the daemon, but this is not really
what I want.

- If I do C-x C-f, the directory that it gives me is very often not
the directory I am cd'd into for that particular emacsclient, but one
from another emacsclient.

If anyone can offer suggestions to fix any of these issues, it would
be greatly appreciated, as they are all quite annoying (especially the
second one). I get why these things happen, because emacsclient shares
all buffers with the one daemon, but I'd rather it act as if it
didn't.  My main motivation for using emacsclient over vanilla emacs
is the enormous speed benefit when starting it.

If anyone cares, my .emacs is at

Aaron Meurer

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