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Re: Gnus: Forwarding emails: how to get "Fwd:" in subject and ">" in bod

From: Marius Hofert
Subject: Re: Gnus: Forwarding emails: how to get "Fwd:" in subject and ">" in body?
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 19:38:21 +0100

On 2011-11-27, at 18:51 , Tassilo Horn wrote:

> Marius Hofert <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi,
>> If I forward a message in Gnus (C-c C-f), how can I get the following
>> features by default?
>> 1) The forwarded message text should be quoted with ">". 
> IMHO, when you forward a message, it should be preserved as-is.

Hi Tassilo,

my former email program used to quoted forwarded messages and even wrote 
"Begin forwarded message:" in the beginning of the message. I find this very 
helpful since otherwise, it might happen that the person you forward the 
message to thinks that (s)he received the message directly and will then answer 
the message to the original sender. In many cases this can cause trouble... 

>> 2) The forwarded message does not contain a subject starting with
>> "Fwd:" or similar.
> Not sure about this one...

I just figured it out (first time :-) ):
;; see
(setq message-make-forward-subject-function 'message-forward-subject-fwd)

>> 3) C-c C-f does not work if the point is in the message text
>> (follow-up does work from there). Is there an easy way to make C-c C-f
>> active from within messages?
> (define-key gnus-article-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-f")
>  'gnus-summary-mail-forward)

thanks :-)

> Bye,
> Tassilo
> -- 
> (What the world needs (I think) is not
>      (a Lisp (with fewer parentheses))
>      but (an English (with more.)))
> Brian Hayes,

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