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Gnus: Forwarding mails: include attachments, blank To:, point position?

From: Marius Hofert
Subject: Gnus: Forwarding mails: include attachments, blank To:, point position?
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 20:26:44 +0100


I figured out that with "F" (or "f") I can forward an email. There are three 
things which I wonder about:

1) Why are attachments not included in forwarded emails (at least I do not see 
them as attachments)? How can I automagically include attachments?
The reason is simple: It is easy to delete the attachments in case they are 
unwanted, but it's more work to attach them (which is often what I want when 
forwarding emails).

2) The forwarded email contains the original sender as "To:". Since this is 
almost never the person you want to forward the message to (otherwise one would 
have chosen a reply instead), one always has to delete this address first. Is 
it possible to have a blank field "To:" as default in forwarded emails?

3) A forwarded mail (but also a reply) in which the original email text is 
included, looks like this:
--text follows this line--
Sender Name <address@hidden> writes:

(*)> Hi, I just wanted to write to you because ...
> Regards
> John

The point, by default, is at (*). Is it possible to have the point in the 
beginning of the line after "--text follows this line--", then a newline, then 
"Sender Name..."? Because either you want to just answer the whole mail (for 
which this position would be perfect) or you want to answer a specific part 
(for which you would have to move the point anyway). But having the point where 
it is by default is not ideal for any of these situations.



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