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RE: email, Calendar, PGP, Follow up to Setting Frame Parameters

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: email, Calendar, PGP, Follow up to Setting Frame Parameters
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 08:25:13 -0800

>> Look in the Emacs manual (`C-h r', or `C-h i' and choose `Emacs').
>> Use `i' to look for something that is in the index.  E.g.
>> `i font TAB', `i cursor TAB'.  Or look in the Elisp manual:
>> `i frame parameters'.  Or use the search field on Emacs Wiki:
> Thank you for the Emacs wiki link. I honestly didn't know it
> existed.

You're welcome.  But please use plain-text email for the mailing list.

> I have a paper copy of the manual.

A paper copy is great - makes good free-time reading.

But if you have Emacs then you most likely have its manuals built in, as well.
They are a large part of what makes Emacs "the self-documenting...editor".  Try
`C-h i' and see if you don't have a menu of manuals to choose from, including
`Emacs' and `Elisp'.

Learning to ask Emacs itself will greatly help your Emacs experience and
learning.  Not just the manuals, but the tutorial and the help keys (`C-h C-h',
to start).

> I'm an undergraduate student and decided to use GNU Emacs. It's
> awesome and I expect to use it for life; although it feels odd
> saying that.

;-) It's not a bad life.

> Besides one c++ instructor, I think I'm the only person using
> emacs at my institute, NYU-Poly.

Don't feel sorry for the others.  They won't know what they're missing.

> But why use thunderbird when I can use emacs???  Do any of you
> use emacs for email and mailing lists and calendars?

Many Emacs users use it for email and calendar.  Others of us don't.

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