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Re: Gnus: Selecting several attachments (in dired-mode) does not (seem t

From: Marius Hofert
Subject: Re: Gnus: Selecting several attachments (in dired-mode) does not (seem to) work
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 16:58:18 +0100

On 2011-11-23, at 16:25 , Tassilo Horn wrote:

> Marius Hofert <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi Marius,
>> I have 
>> (add-hook 'dired-mode-hook 'turn-on-gnus-dired-mode)
>> in .gnus.el in order to use dired mode to select multiple attachments at
>> once. I read that C-c C-m C-a allows this. But if I hit that key combination 
>> in
>> a new message, I obtain (in the minibuffer):
>> C-c RET C-a is undefined
> You have to do that inside a dired buffer, when point is on a line
> corresponding to the file you want to attach to the currently open
> message mode buffer (aka THE MAIL).

thanks a lot, that works. 

The attachements are inserted right after the signature. I cheated in some 
newlines by adding two blank lines to ~/.signature.



> Bye,
> Tassilo
> -- 
> (What the world needs (I think) is not
>      (a Lisp (with fewer parentheses))
>      but (an English (with more.)))
> Brian Hayes,

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