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Why obsolete pc-package in emacs 24

From: Ricahrd Wong
Subject: Why obsolete pc-package in emacs 24
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 10:11:28 +0800

Hi there:
I am an emacs user, and I have compiled and run emacs 24.0.90 instead of stable version.
However. some prior emacs settings is depend on pc-select package.
It is really embarrassing.
pc-select is really convenient to use. So, I wonder which package(s) is more advanced and can replace the pc-select package.

As a student in china, my customization method may immature and inefficient.
so, an additional question(or just a request:)
How did you customize your own copy and paste?(such as shortcuts, functions or invoking relationships about lines, religions or paragraphs..)

Really gratitude to receive your letters.

Best regards
Richard Wong

Trust yourself.
Trust your distinct.

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