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origin of `notation'

From: Buchs, Kevin
Subject: origin of `notation'
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 14:22:54 -0600

Ok, dumb question to which I have been unable to find the answer and which is 
distracting me: 

In emacs documentation, what is the origin of using the accent grave (backtick) 
to introduce a quoted phrase, often a command, while using an apostrophe to 
terminate it.  Example: (info) Keys and Commands: 1st paragraph: "binding" is 
quoted as such, but 2nd paragraph, `next-line' is quoted that way. If someone 
who knows the answer will take the time to answer, I promise I will document it 
on the Emacs wiki. Does this extend beyond emacs? Beyond GNU & FSF?

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Engineering - SPPDG
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