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Re: Want split-window-vertically to split *vertically*

From: Jonathan Oddie
Subject: Re: Want split-window-vertically to split *vertically*
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 16:51:25 +0000

Hi Mark,
> I am using Emacs 23.3.1 and want to know how to make split-window-vertically 
> do as documented: split *vertically* no matter how wide the frame is.  There 
> clearly is logic that decides to split *horizontally* when the frame is 
> relatively wide.  Why does C-x 2 act this way when the other behavior is 
> available (normally) on C-x 3?

My Emacs (also 23.3.1) seems to behave the way you would like out of
the box, so I'm not sure what causes this. (Is C-x 2 really bound to
`split-window-vertically' and not `split-window-sensibly'?) Maybe I
just don't have a wide enough screen ;-)

However, I did find myself wanting to convince Dired's `o' command
recently to always split the window vertically rather than
horizontally and I think you might want to look at the variables
`split-height-threshold' and `split-width-threshold'. Setting
`split-height-threshold' very low was the temporary fix I needed in my
case. There is also the variable `split-window-preferred-function'
which might be of interest, though I think that is used mostly by
`switch-to-buffer-other-window' and friends.


> (I frequently read very wide log files.  Besides that, I know what I'm doing, 
> so want Emacs to "trust" me?)
> Thanks,
> Mark
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