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RE: Are there exist any registry for reserved key binding?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Are there exist any registry for reserved key binding?
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 16:03:46 -0800

> > When I make own mode I would like to select key bindings 
> > that does not interference with most other packages/modes.
> > What are the best practice/recommendations to archive this goal?
> (elisp) `Key Binding Conventions'

BTW, in Info, `i' is your friend.  It looks things up in the index, providing
completion.  You could have found this information yourself by:

1. Guessing that it was in the Elisp manual somewhere.
2. Using `i' in that manual, then typing `key TAB'.

For #2 you would have seen "key binding, conventions for" as one of the
completion candidates.  Simple.


Even easier -

If you used Icicles, you could have just typed `convention' or `key' and hit
`S-TAB' for apropos completion.  And you could have typed either `key S-SPC
convention' or `convention S-SPC key' to get the right candidate directly.

`S-SPC' means "Narrow the set of current completion candidates to those that
also match...".  You can combine as many completion patterns as you like this
way, progressively narrowing the set of candidates.  That's much, much easier
than trying to come up with a fancy pattern (e.g. a single regexp) that matches
only the same small set of candidates.

You can also use `C-~' to subtract a set of matches - another way to narrow the
set of candidates.

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