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lisp file to modify contents of project

From: David Belohrad
Subject: lisp file to modify contents of project
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 10:49:12 +0100

Dear All,

i'm not very experienced with elisp/emacs so any help here appreciated.

Imagine that I have VHDL project consisting of may VHDL files, like e.g. this one:

library ieee;
use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;
use ieee.numeric_std.all;
use work.Types.all;
use work.bunch_storage.all;

--! @brief bunch selection memory
--! @details implements 128x32 memory to store info about all the bunches
--! selected for the capture acquisition
entity bunch_selection_memory is
    port (Clk120MHzxC               : in  std_logic;  --! 120MHz clock
          Reset120MHzxRN            : in  std_logic;  --! 120MHz synced reset
          NumberOfBunchSlotsxD      : in  positive;  --! number of bunch slots derived from current timing and IsLHCTimingxS
          BSELVmeMemDxD             : in  VLong;  --! 16 bit word input to the memory via VME interface

and so on..........

this VHDL project is however defined as well in not-only-VHDL-files, but as well e.g. mentor modelsim, containing commands like this one:

add wave -noupdate -expand -group dut -format Logic -radix hexadecimal /bunch_selection_memory_tb/dut/reset120mhzxrn

or quartus setting file, containing settings like this one:

set_location_assignment PIN_D11 -to Reset120MHzxRN

Now I came into situation, that I have to rename the Reset120MHzxRN signal into something completely different. So I was thinking just make dired of VHDL/SETTING/MODELSIM files, and just replace Reset120MHzxRN by another string. But I ran into troubles with caseness of the replace. I need that in the VHDL and quartus setting file the case stays _exactly_ as is, whereas in modelsim file I need to convert it into lowercase and replace only lowercase occurence by another lowercase occurence.

I don't think it is possible to use dired mode for this - except that I do all the operation in two steps. Having quite a lot of these signals it is not really wise. So I was thinking, whether it is feasible to do some lisp code, which will:

list all *.vhd, *.do, *.qsf from the project
do all the replacements as shown above.

is it feasible? the 'thing' i'm bit lost in is how to open make a list of files universally (independent of whether win/lin), and how to generate another buffer which would tell me what exactly in which file was changed -> something like diff mode

any help appreciated....


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