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RE: middle mouse paste into isearch minibuffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: middle mouse paste into isearch minibuffer
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 06:40:06 -0800

> "Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:
> > Try this, Perry: 
> >
> > (defun isearch-mouse-2 (click)
> >  "..."
> >  (interactive "e")
> >  (isearch-yank-x-selection)
> >  (deactivate-mark t))
> What is supposed to happen there?

1. Select text with mouse.
2. C-s.
3. Click `mouse-2'.

The selected text becomes the text to find (the search string), and the first
occurrence is sought/found.

It might not work for everyone in every Emacs version.  If your isearch.el
already has function `isearch-mouse-2', and if your mouse selection fills the X
selection, then it should work.  It should work in Emacs 24 with a graphic
display, for example.

> Maybe I'm not understanding what Perry is trying to do.  As I
> understood it, P would like to paste what ever is in highlighted
> buffer on middle mouse, into C-s.

He selects first, then hits `C-s', then clicks `mouse-2'. Otherwise, what you
say is what he's trying to do.

> You mean while holding C-s with left hand right?

No - see above.

> And you also assume running emacs in X right?

Yes, AFAIK.  Something needs to put the selected text into the X selection, so
that `isearch-yank-x-selection' can retrieve it.

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