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Re: Why is TAB-completion in shell not working for some commands?

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: Why is TAB-completion in shell not working for some commands?
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2011 14:29:09 +0100
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Am 09.11.2011 12:10, schrieb Marius Hofert:

I obtain (in both cases):

comint-dynamic-complete-functions is a variable defined in `comint.el'.
Its value is
(comint-c-a-p-replace-by-expanded-history shell-environment-variable-completion 
shell-command-completion shell-c-a-p-replace-by-expanded-directory 
pcomplete-completions-at-point shell-filename-completion 

Local in buffer *shell*; global value is
(comint-c-a-p-replace-by-expanded-history comint-filename-completion)

IIUC completion stops when first function in list succeeds

you could put functions one by one into edebug, thus being noticed which one 
was active and how it went

that's a bit (or rather far) above my emacs abilities. Can you give me short 
instructions what to do?

jump into the buffer where `comint-dynamic-complete-functions' contents -- the functions list-- it displayed as above.

Cursor over first function, M-x describe-function RET

help-buffer than displays a link --xref-- to definition. RET over this link.

When functions definition displayed, over there M-x edebug-defun

Next completing TAB in shell should display edebug-modus.

step through with "s" or "n"
Have a look at edebug first if not used to - an excellent tool IMO.

The simple solution is to just start emacs from the terminal. I'm not sure if 
this has any disadvantages, though (but they should arise when using emacs from 
the terminal for some time)

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