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Re: Using commands in Emacs

From: max . le . libertaire
Subject: Re: Using commands in Emacs
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 18:24:40 +0100 (CET)
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C-x 2 mean you have to press the keys [CONTROL] + [x] and then [2] and the
window will split immediately.
M-x mean [ALT] + [x] and is a way to (for instance) call a command like
"shell-command" (the same you invoke from the tool menu).
And there is also a command you must try in emacs, it is C-h t ( [Control]
+ [h] + [t] )

Sorry if i don't understand correctly your message or if i made some
mistake but i'm not a native english speaker.

> Hi. I have open a file in Emacs called Insertion_sort_in_C.c.
> I have found some commands in the web such as C-x 2 (split Emacs screen).
> In Emacs under the 'Tools' option I have selected the 'Shell command'
> feature.
> Now at the bottom of emacs window a command line prompt is awaiting for a
> command.
> In this prompt I typed 'C-x 2' but the reply was '/bin/bash: C-x: command
> not found'
> I typed as well the 'M-x gdb' command to initiate the debugger but
> '/bin/bash: M-x: command not found' came up
> Then I run the debugger by the 'Tools' tab and the (gdb) prompt came  up.
> I typed 'break 11' to enter a
> breakpoint in line 11 of Insertion_sort_in_C.c but warning: 'No symbol
> table is loaded.  Use the "file" command' came up.
> I also thought that when the debugger is running I could left-click in the
> fringe so that a red disk
> appears (a breakpoint). But nothing happens.
> Is there anything wrong with Emacs/gdb?
> Alexandros

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