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Re: Couple of automation questions

From: C K Kashyap
Subject: Re: Couple of automation questions
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 13:41:29 +0530

"Scripting" in Emacs is actually programming in Emacs Lisp. To get
started with Emacs Lisp I suggest reading "An Introduction to
Programming in Emacs Lisp" and of course the Emacs Lisp reference

   C-h i g (eintr) Top RET
   C-h i g (elisp) Top RET

Thanks Teemu ... I am aware of elisp. What I am looking for are general tips on how one goes about actually writing them in real time ( while editing some text) ... for example, if I do a kill and want to yank 10 times, What I'd do is M-:(dotimes (i 10) (yank))

but is that the recommended way or would writing the script in the main buffer and executing it with C-x-e better ... or is there an even better way?


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