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Emacs.bitmapIcon: off does not work

From: jidanni
Subject: Emacs.bitmapIcon: off does not work
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 05:52:30 +0800

I figured out what is going on in bug 9154.

1. It turns out

(info "(emacs) Table of Resources")

`bitmapIcon' (class `BitmapIcon')
     Use a bitmap icon (a picture of a gnu) if `on', let the window
     manager choose an icon if `off'.

is hogwash... you are not using a picture of a gnu anymore.

You are using
which is not a picture of a gnu.

A picture of a gnu is /usr/share/icewm/icons/emacs_32x32.xpm .

I.e., the window manager has a picture of a gnu... totally confusing

You need to just say "the current official emacs icon, whatever that
might be".

By the way. It does not work anyway. Go ahead and put
Emacs.bitmapIcon: off
in your .Xresources file and do xrdb .Xresources
it will not change the behavior of this bug report one single bit.

Kindly tell me the exact thing that does work for .Xresources .

What does work is
(info "(emacs) Icons X")
     Do not use a picture of a gnu as the Emacs icon.

Yes that does work, but AGAIN you are just confusing the user by telling
him that the picture of a gnu somehow comes from emacs these days, when
it in fact is coming from his window manager!

So OK,
1. What can I put in .emacs so I don't have to make a wrapper shell
script or shell alias to say emacs -nbi each time I start emacs?

M-x apropos says
  Function: (not documented)
How can I use that?

2. if I indeed must maintain a .Xresources to deal with this, what
WORKING line can I put in it?

Again, my goal is to avoid using your icon, which looks too much like
iceweasel, and use instead what the window manager already has.

P.S., You will note that
emacs -Q
does not behave as intended icon-wise.
If it did, it wouldn't wait until reading something from the minibuffer
before updating its icon...
Actually what is probably going on is:
1. Emacs puts its icon in place. (indeed an strace show it does)
2. Then the window manager covers it up with its.
3. Then upon reading from the minibuffer emacs updates it.
Therefore you need to add a step 2a to update the icon again, else just
a plain
$ emacs -Q
without then pressing any keys will show the window manager's icon,
despite not having used -nbi!

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