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Re: Using date ranges in emacs notmuch search

From: Michal Sojka
Subject: Re: Using date ranges in emacs notmuch search
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 17:55:40 +0200
User-agent: Notmuch/0.6.1-83-g0d17b20 ( Emacs/23.3.1 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)

On Sat, 23 Jul 2011, suvayu ali wrote:
> Hi Emacs users,
> I was wondering if someone could point me how to correctly specify date
> ranges in an emacs notmuch search. So far I tried these two variations:
> To see all emails from the last 3 months I tried:
> 1. "$(($(date +%s)-5270400))..$(date +%s)" - This completes w/o an error
>    but doesn't return any messages.
> 2. $(($(date +%s)-5270400))..$(date +%s) (w/o the quotes) - This doesn't
>    return any messages either but returns an error code of 1.
> Strangely, from the command line both searches return valid messages.
> What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help or comments.


$(...) is shell syntax and Emacs interface does not use shell to
evaluate these operators. Unfortunately, there is currently no way in
Emacs interface to perform date calculation. There is a few patches
pending for allowing that, but so far no one was merged.


P.S. You should better ask this kind of questions in notmuch mailing

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