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Re: M vs C-[

From: C K Kashyap
Subject: Re: M vs C-[
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 11:00:39 +0530

It does here.  Are you sure it acts differently from C-M-\?

(While trying out, I found that `indent-region' doesn't always indent,
but its docs (C-h k ESC C-\) tell you how it determines if and to where
it indents.)

Actually, you can force it to indent using a prefix arg:

 C-u 4 C-M-\      ;; indent to 4th column
 C-u 4 C-[ C-\    ;; ditto
 C-u 4 ESC C-\    ;; ditto


My bad ... it seems to do it now ... I apologize for the confusion.
The reason I am trying to avoid the ESC key is that it requires me to stretch my fingers more :)


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