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Re: bug#9105: Feature req: Remembering emacs frames, windows, buffer pos

From: ken
Subject: Re: bug#9105: Feature req: Remembering emacs frames, windows, buffer position to subsequent session
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 11:56:09 -0400
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On 07/17/2011 05:46 AM martin rudalics wrote:
>> Often I'll have five or more frames open, some split vertically, perhaps
>> a couple split horizontally, all of them with different files (or
>> "buffers") in them-- though in some instances it's possible to have the
>> same buffer in more than one window or frame.  When I close emacs down
>> and then invoke it again, I'd like to have the same windows come up,
>> split the same way, with the same buffers/files in each frame and
>> window, and even with the frames in the same location onscreen as they
>> were in the prior session.  In short, the current session should be set
>> up exactly like the prior session at the time it was closed.
> All this should be doable now using the functions `window-state-get' and
> `window-state-put'.  Could you try implementing this in desktop.el?
> martin

Thanks, Martin!

Where do I find these two functions?

Once I download them, would it make any difference if I put them in my
emacs-path rather than inserting them in or appending them to desktop.el?


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