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Re: keyboard macro to record scp (password)

From: Suvayu Ali
Subject: Re: keyboard macro to record scp (password)
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 10:47:15 +0200

On Tue, 12 Jul 2011 12:37:05 +0530
C K Kashyap <address@hidden> wrote:

> Let me generalize this a bit - I'd like to automate interactive
> command line apps. Is there a generic solution in emacs for this.

I think you are looking for a solution in the wrong place. You want a
solution for terminal utilities, this is best achieved using facilities
present in the terminal.

You have a number of options:

1. public key authentication
2. ssh-agent (which is probably related with public keys, haven't used
   myself so not sure about the details)
3. sshfs network mounts with fuse
4. NFS mounts

Apart from this, on the Emacs side you could try:

1. you could try what Michael suggested about pasword-cache
2. dired over tramp might work 

However I think the main problem might be your development methodology.
It seems to me it could be better adapted so that you don't need to scp
so many times. If you are having to do that, then that is probably not
the optimum solution. If you could outline what you are doing step by
step, maybe someone here could suggest alternate ways of achieving the
same goal.



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