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Why will the Emacs Wiki not save my edits?

From: Tom Davey
Subject: Why will the Emacs Wiki not save my edits?
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 15:11:51 -0400

Hello everybody,

I am attempting to use the Emacs Wiki for the first time, to update a
page found here:

I am following all the rules for a username, style, etc. But I'm
finding that, when supply a value for the Re-Captcha field and click
"Save," my edits are not saved. The page simply refreshes and displays
as it was before. My edits are lost. Nor are they any error messages
or warnings about what I might be doing wrong.

I have tested this repeatedly, answering the CAPTCHA each time,
Previewing first or not, with different browsers and new browser
sessions. But nothing works. In fact, as I repeat the tests, I've
stopped getting the CAPTCHA at all!

I am really stumped. I browsed the EamcsWikiProblems page and this
particular issue isn't mentioned, although there do seem to issues
with cookies and such that are causing other odd behavior with failed
saves. See the commentary on that page by Drew Adams.

I am probably overlooking something quite basic. Any tips would be appreciated.

Tom Davey

PS Selecting "Preview" also doesn't render the page, but rather just
shows the editing screen again. Perhaps that's a clue.

Tom Davey
New York NY USA

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