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Re: Taking notes / excerptions with emacs

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: Taking notes / excerptions with emacs
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 16:32:01 +0200
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Am 01.07.2011 12:27, schrieb Frederik:
Hi There!

Until now I've taken notes and did extracts/abstracts of the books I had
to read by hand, i.e. with pen & paper.

Now I want to switch to the digital world... What could be more natural
than using emacs, because I already use it with AucTeX to create my
latex documents.

What I basically need is ordering of the abstracts and full-text search
for my notes. Printing the notes would be useful, too.

Google brought up several modes; org-mode seems promising, but I never
tried it before.

How do you take notes? Any special suggestions? I thought it could be
helpful to ask on this list before trying out several modes...

Thanks & Regards,

Hi, the file attached stores data together with it's location.

Call `M-x note-with-url' with an active region.

It's designed to take notes from Emacs-w3m browser, but works with any buffer.

Notes are stored in files setting up variables listing paired entries like this:

(setq nwu-example
("Thanks to many of the other people for the great contributions." . "";)

("Vor dem Bundesfinanzhof müssen sich die Beteiligten
    durch Prozessbevollmächtigte vertreten lassen. Dies gilt
    auch für Prozesshandlungen, durch die ein Verfahren vor
dem Bundesfinanzhof eingeleitet wird." . "/MY-LOCAL/PATH/gesetze/rechtsberatungsrecht.txt")

When taking notes from Emacs Mail, remember.el will be more suitable maybe.



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