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Re: js2-mode and nxhtml

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Re: js2-mode and nxhtml
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 11:05:20 -0500

Oh bummer... I had this problem but did not keep careful notes.

If you dump out the auto-mode-alist before nxhtml loads, it will be like you 
want it.  If you dump it out after it loads, it will have extra entries that is 
causing the problem.  I don't recall what I did to fix it.  I may have just 
found where nxhtml added its entries and deleted it from my copy of the source.

Hopefully, this vague reply will help you track it down.


On Jun 26, 2011, at 10:39 AM, Richard Riley wrote:

> I'm trying to get the el-get js2-mode loading properly with nxhtml
> installed. My .js files are still opening as "javascript-mode" instead
> of javascript-ide mode however.
> I modified mumamo-major-modes
> mumamo-major-modes is a variable defined in `mumamo.el'.
> Its value is 
> ((asp-js-mode js-mode javascript-mode espresso-mode ecmascript-mode)
> (asp-vb-mode visual-basic-mode)
> (asp-csharp-mode csharp-mode)
> (javascript-mode js2-mode js-mode javascript-mode espresso-mode 
> ecmascript-mode)
> (java-mode jde-mode java-mode)
> (groovy-mode groovy-mode)
> (nxhtml-mode nxhtml-mode html-mode))
> What else needs to be done?
> I also added js2-mode to the auto-mode-alist
> (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.js$" . js2-mode))
> thanks
> r.

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