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Distinguish inactive windows

From: Joe Riel
Subject: Distinguish inactive windows
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:52:36 -0700

I'm creating an application where focus is in a particular Emacs
frame, call it the control panel.  Events in the control panel affect
a selected window in a separate frame.  How can the selected window be
visually distinguished from the other windows in its frame?  I'd like
to, say, set mode-line background of the selected window to a
particular color.  Using (set-face-background 'mode-line-inactive
"yellow") doesn't work because that changes the mode-line of all
inactive windows, not just the one desired.  Similarly, setting
mode-line doesn't work because the active window is in the control
panel, not the one that is being changed.

Joe Riel

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