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Grid lines in background

From: William King
Subject: Grid lines in background
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 13:44:45 +0100
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I'm using voice recognition software (Dragon naturally speaking) in emacs that allows me to specify a row and column to which I would like the cursor moved. This works very well.

However, while it is visually easy specifying a line number, things are awkward when specifying the column number because I can't tell exactly which column I want to go to. I want a way to make this easier. My preferred solution would be to have some kind of grid lines in the background of all windows, for example for the shading of the background to alternate every 10 columns, so that I can tell reasonably easily at a glance that a particular character is in column x.

I can't work out a way of doing this. "column-number-mode" does not provide what I need. I have looked at vline.el, but this seems only to highlight the column that the cursor is in.

I would really appreciate any advice about how I might approach this problem.

Many thanks.

Will King

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