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From: OP
Subject: Scala REPL gets messed up when run within "M-x term" [emacs]
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:22:22 +0530

Please let me know if there is any other info needed.. i have described the problem in reproduction steps below.

Using REPL history messes up displayed content within REPL.

0a. Launch emacs and then start 'term' with the "EMACS" env-var unset:
Emacs -Q
 (M-x term RET RET)
$ unset EMACS

0b. launch scala from within this terminal buffer
$ scala <RET>

1. starting state/creating history - adding 2 entries to command-history: <"abc"> and <10>
scala> "abc"
res6: java.lang.String = abc

scala> 10
res7: Int = 10

2. hit 'up' or CTRL-P once - most recent entry is pulled from history. No problem!

scala> 10

3a. hit 'up' once more - next-recent is appended to currently displayed contents.. Problem!
scala> 10"abc"

3b. hit ENTER
scala> 10"abc"
res8: java.lang.String = abc

The issue in 3b repeats for every 'up' or subsequent 'down'.. appending more and more entries.
(scala/repl though treats the input correctly internally.. see 3b - here it correctly accepts "abc", not the concatenation of 10 and "abc" that is displayed)

Tab-completion does work fine.

 I have tried running the scala interpreter from within a 'term' session of an "emacs -Q" instance with the same results.
 Also, this works fine within its just that I have emacs/term configured to avoid a lot of keyboard-relate fatigue (so I would be glad for any help in getting 2.9 to work like this)

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