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term.el: term does not work with custom fringe

From: axel . junker2
Subject: term.el: term does not work with custom fringe
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 15:16:34 -0400

I am using a fresh build from the master repository (24.0.50) on GNU/Linux 

When I set a custom fringe width via `(fring-mode '(1 . 0))', M-x term stops 
working. I still get basic terminal functionality (bash, ls, etc. work fine) - 
but any complex ncurse-based application stops working. The terminal just 
displays random subsets of the actual text that its supposed to show.

How to reproduce:
`emacs -q`
eval `(fring-mode '(1 . 0))'
`M-x term`
start aptitude

Is this a bug?

Other than that, there is a minor issue with the terminal height; reported 
Is there any chance to get this fix upstream?

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