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String Syntax

From: Perry Smith
Subject: String Syntax
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 17:42:28 -0500


I hit something similar to this rather often in Ruby mode.  Below is a string 
that ruby-mode gets confused on.

      super("Could not find the source association(s) 
=> ' or ', :last_word_connector => ', or ', :locale => :en)} in model 
#{through_reflection.klass}.  Try 'has_many #{}, 
:through => #{}, :source => <name>'.  Is it one 
of #{source_associations.to_sentence(:two_words_connector => ' or ', 
:last_word_connector => ', or ', :locale => :en)}?")

This happens to come from code I did not write.

If I put a space between the final ? and ", then it works.  I'm using emacs 
23.3 .  I've tried both the stock ruby-mode as well as a ruby-mode that comes 
with Rinari.  Is this something that is wrong with the syntax table?

Thanks for your help.

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