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start-process and set-process-filter sequence

From: William Xu
Subject: start-process and set-process-filter sequence
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 11:10:20 +0800
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Because set-process-filter will be done after the process is created by
start-process, it seems there is a possibility that the filter may miss
some process output.  Consider this: 

    (defun foo (proc output)
      (setq a output))
    (let ((proc (start-process "ls" "ls" "ls")))
      ;; (read-string "Mood: ")
      (setq a nil)
      (set-process-filter proc 'foo))

Compare comment and uncomment the read-string line, `a' would be

Is there a way to set a process filter before the process starts? so
that we won't miss any output.  


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