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RE: extension for image view to go to next or previous image

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: extension for image view to go to next or previous image
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 06:55:48 -0700

> I am frequently viewing images in emacs that are part of a sequence,
> therefore I am missing a way to go the next or previous image.  I was
> wondering if this is possible somehow already?  Or maybe somebody can
> show me how to do this with elisp?  The filenames for these images are
> chosen in a way that sorting by name brings them in the right order,
> also usually the directory that contains them is open in a dired
> buffer, so if necessary, maybe one could retrieve the position of the
> current image and then simply get the name of the next image from
> there?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Here are a couple of ways I would do it - there are no doubt other ways.
Essentially, you just need a way to cycle among files.

1. Use Icicles.  `C-x C-f', then cycle using `up'/`down'.  When a file is an
image file the image is displayed.  To cycle among only files `foo*', type `foo'
then cycle.

To cycle among files matching `foo' as a substring, do the same thing, but
either cycle using `next'/`prior' or hit `S-TAB' to initiate apropos completion
before using `up'/`down' to cycle.

You can use `S-SPC' to add other patterns to match, regardless of order - e.g.
`C-x C-f foo S-TAB S-SPC bar S-SPC toto' matches file names with `foo', `bar',
and `toto', in any order.  You can use a regexp for any of the match patterns.

If you hit `TAB' or `S-TAB' you see the file names, in *Completions*, that match
what you type.  By default, for image files you see thumbnail images next to the
file names there.  You can hit `C-x t' to show only file names or only
thumbnails: `C-x t' cycles among the 3 image-candidate display types.

2. Use `image-dired'. Use `right'/`left' + `RET' in the thumbnails buffer to
cycle among images.

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