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Re: Converting an Integer into Human Readable String

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: Converting an Integer into Human Readable String
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2011 21:01:31 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> From: "Drew Adams" <address@hidden>
>> Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 11:13:07 -0700
>> In any case, what I wrote was incorrect.  AFAICT there is no way to pass the
>> number that is to be interpreted as the buffer size by "%I", except by 
>> passing
>> an actual BUFFER of the given size as arg.  This will do it, I guess, but it
>> seems a bit silly:
> Yes, but this isn't:
>   (ls-lisp-format-file-size 4060 t) => "   4k"
> Of course, on Posix platforms you will need to (require 'ls-lisp)
> first, which is undesirable.  Hmm...
> It would make sense to extract the workhorse of
> ls-lisp-format-file-size and make it a separate function in subr.el.
> Patches welcome.

anything have a function for this:

(anything-ff-human-size 4060)
==> "4.0K"

A+ Thierry
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