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Re: Increase text size of echo area / mode line?

From: Filippo A. Salustri
Subject: Re: Increase text size of echo area / mode line?
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 16:46:59 -0400

For the mode line, you can diddle the font size etc by customizing the variables mode-line and mode-line-inactive.  Dunno about the echo area.
Hope this helps.

On 5 April 2011 15:10, Johnny <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi list members,

I have been looking around for a way to resize the text displayed in the
echo area. I found that for the buffer, C-x + and C-x - does the sizing
for the buffer alright, but I haven't found how to do this for the echo
area / mode line?

Ideally, if there is a clever way to automatically increase the default
text size in the echo area and buffer when changing input mode (to


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