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Re: error in replace-match: "args out of range"

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: error in replace-match: "args out of range"
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2011 21:56:13 -0400
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> Here's the relevant code fragment:

>     (if (re-search-forward aname-re-str head-text-end-pt t)
>       (progn  
>         (setq aname-str (match-string 2))
>         (setq head-text-nested (match-string 4))
>         (if (equal head-text-nested "")
>             (progn
>               (setq head-text-nested (create-heading-text))
>               (if (equal aname-str "")
>                   (progn
>                     (setq aname-str (create-aname head-text-nested))
>                     (replace-match head-text-nested t nil nil 4)
>                     (replace-match aname-str t nil nil 2))
>                 (replace-match head-text-nested t t nil 4))) ;ERROR:

An obvious part to heck is create-heading-text: if it might ever call
a regexp-matching function, then you have a problem.


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