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Re: MacOS X: Not all Alt keys are equal?

From: Lars-Johan Liman
Subject: Re: MacOS X: Not all Alt keys are equal?
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:56:22 +0100
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> Lars,
> Inspecting customize-group ns I found the following settings:

> Variable                                 Status 
> ------------------------------------------------------
> ns-control-modifier: control             (STANDARD)
> ns-command-modifier: meta                (CHANGED in my .emacs)

> ns-alternate-modifier: 'meta             (CHANGED, but not in my .emacs,
>                                          I didn't find where it was set)

> Help on this variable says: defined in C Source Code. It's value is nil

> ns-right-alternate-modifier:
>   Use the value of ns-alternate-modifier (STANDARD)
>  Help says: It's value is left

> I use the same Emacs-version as you do with a german keyboard. On my
> iMac left and right alt-keys behave identical.

Hmm. I wouldn't have thought that would work the way I want it to.

For me to understand better: which key combination do you use to
generate a backslash inside your Emacs, given the above settings?


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