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Re: Windows7 and .emacs files

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: Windows7 and .emacs files
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:26:55 +0000
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On 3/25/2011 1:42 AM, Stefan Monnier wrote:

Clicking on the first link on that page, leads you to a page that
includes a description of the project: "This project provides the latest
binary builds of the Emacs CVS repository for Win32. It is not an
official distribution of Emacs, and neither does it come with any
support. Long live Emacs!".

Interesting. The Emacs there was compiled on YAMALOK, which is the world of the dead in Sanskrit. And it was compiled by yamaraj, the god of the dead.

NT Emacs died but lives on as the Gnu Emacs in its afterlife. (So you learn something about Hinduism: death is but a transformation.)

Long live Emacs indeed!


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