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RE: need obsolete arg in (read-from-minibuffer ...)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: need obsolete arg in (read-from-minibuffer ...)
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 13:37:52 -0700

> the docs say that 2nd arg is obsolete.  However,
> I've tried a lot of permutations of the args listed and I 
> can't get this function to work without using that obsolete 2nd arg.
> (defun mygetstr (def-val)
>     (read-from-minibuffer "Enter/Edit string: "
>                           def-val nil nil nil def-val t))

What do you mean by "work"?  And what do you mean "without" the obsolete arg?
That argument must be present if you include any arguments to the right of it.

What is considered (by some) to be "obsolete" is to use a non-nil value for the
argument.  That's all.  You cannot simply remove the arg if you include args
such as the DEFAULT-VALUE and INHERIT-INPUT-METHOD.  A nil argument can be
omitted if there are no non-nil args coming after it (i.e., to the right).

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