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Re: el-get question

From: henry atting
Subject: Re: el-get question
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 08:01:27 +0100
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Am 16.03.2011 19:11, schrieb Ted Zlatanov:
> On Wed, 16 Mar 2011 17:38:11 +0100 henry atting <address@hidden> wrote: 
> ha> Thanks! With some effort I got it working now with orgmode from git; -
> ha> okay, it's not bad. Having said that I find it's too much work to do.
> ha> In my opinion a `git pull` to obtain the current orgmode version and
> ha> adding the directory to the load path is far less time consuming. So
> ha> most probably I will refrain from using el-get.
> I use el-get for the built-in recipes, but here are two Git-based
> recipes mixed in with some built-in ones.  I prefer leaving emacs-w3m
> uncompiled, in case you're wondering about the commented-out build prop.
> (el-get 'wait (setq
>                el-get-sources
>                '(
>                  (:name emacs_w3m
>                         :type git
>                         :url "";
>                         :module "emacs-w3m"
>                         ;;:build `("autoconf" ("./configure" ,(concat 
> "--with-emacs=" el-get-emacs)) "make")
>                         :build '("")
>                         :info "doc"
>                         :features w3m)
>                  (:name zencoding-mode
>                         :type git
>                         :url "";
>                         :module "zencoding-mode"
>                         :build '("make")
>                         :features zencoding-mode)
>                  bbdb csv htmlize markdown-mode pg session tc)))
> I also use package.el:
> (setq package-archives '(("ELPA" . "";)
>                          ("marmalade" . "";)
>                          ("gnu" . "";)))
> ...which may fit your needs as well, though el-get definitely handles
> Git pulls better.  What may interest you is that the GNU ELPA has the
> daily org-mode build, which you can see at
> so if using the daily build suits you, you may be happy just using that
> through the `package-list-packages' interface.

Thanks again! I now have these lines for the latest orgmode which works
pretty well

(setq el-get-sources
   (:name org-mode
;;     :build ("make clean" "make")
     :after (lambda ()
            (setq load-path (remove "~/rechner/emacs-trunk/lisp/org/"

I found two or three threads on the web where people ran into the same
problems like me. One problem is the load path. If I e.g. install
`dired+` with el-get-install where is it afterwards? Why can't I load it
with load-library?

Anyway, I am using emacs more than 5 years now without some package
helper. To update modes like orgmode which I pull from git I have a
little script which updates all at once. The single *.el files I put in
a directory and generate autoloads. That's it.

I think I am happy knowing that there are ways to manage elisp code and
that they might work...



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