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RE: Possibility of combining custom and init-file setup (Org modecapture

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Possibility of combining custom and init-file setup (Org modecapture templates)
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 06:39:57 -0700

> I find org-mode's custom interface for capture templates
> extremely helpful for quick, one-off templates, without
> having to edit the init-file.  Especially for somewhat
> complicated templates it provides a starting point.  However,
> to use this custom buffer interface seems to conflict, in many
> a non-obvious way, with the manually loaded templates.  One
> receives a message suggesting that unpredictable results may
> ensue from modifying this variable that was set outside of
> the custom interface.

Too abstract for me to be able to help you.  Hopefully someone familiar with
org-mode or its code will be able to help.

In the abstract, you should be able to do everything via Lisp that you can do
using Customize.  Dunno what warning messages you are referring to, but as a
start try setting values using `custom-set-variables', not `setq'.  Check
whether the `defcustom' forms use :set or :init etc.  If so then you will need
to do something similar from Lisp - they mean that `setq' is not sufficient.
Keyword :type tells you what form the value must take.  And so on.  Use the
org-mode `defcustom' forms as your guide.

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