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Re: Blurring/slicing of line numbers Cocoa Emacs

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Blurring/slicing of line numbers Cocoa Emacs
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 21:28:13 +0100

Am 10.03.2011 um 17:17 schrieb Harold Pimentel:

Any other suggestions?

So it's presumingly version 23.2... Which port variant? Can you choose the 'Send Bug Report…' option from the Help menu and copy the version and build information into your answer?

What is the version of linenum.el and where did you get it? The *Messages* buffer might contain some additional information after loading linenum.el. Could be it has to do with the fringes and fringe- mode...

You can launch this Emacs variant without any customisation and without extra Elisp code. In some shell, for example inside, you can launch it as

        /Applications/ -Q &

It its *scratch* buffer you can write down and execute Elisp code which, for example, extends load-path and then load linenum.el. How does it look now?

You could also launch this Emacs variant without own windows, for example in, as:

        /Applications/ -nw -Q

After loading linenum.el, how does look in Terminal? And how does it look when you leave away the -Q, i.e., only with -nw?



Without vi there is only GNU Emacs

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