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emacsclient and "nonexistent symlinks"

From: Evans Winner
Subject: emacsclient and "nonexistent symlinks"
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 15:17:59 -0700
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I have been doing some testing with Emacs lately and I use
it in daemon mode and connect remotely using emacsclient.
This has caused me to use M-x kill-emacs quite a bit and I
think it is this which is causing me to sometimes get files
in my filesystem that look like this in dired:

.#.bbdb -> address@hidden:1298889269

If I hit RET on one of these in dired I get a message that
says "File is a symlink to a nonexistent target".

I am wondering several things: what are they? how do they
get there? is there something I should be doing differently?  

And more importantly at the moment, is there a way to
predicate on whether a file is one of these things?  I know
there is `file-symlink-p' that will tell me it is a symlink,
but is there a way to see if it is also one of these bogus

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