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Re: rectangle mode selection

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: rectangle mode selection
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 11:57:30 -0600
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Le Wang <address@hidden> writes:


Harry wrote:
>> I don't see anything like that behavior so assuming I haven't set
>> something.
>> Posters/bloggers there seem to be pretty ecstatic about it so I must be
>> doing
>> something wrong.
>> In the video there is no mention of any special mode other than
>> cua-mode.
>> I hear no sound so assuming there is none..

Le answered:
> I hear sound.

Harry wrote:
> When I emulate the video by creating an html file and enter cua-mode,
>> I don't see anything even vaguely like what occurs in the video.  No
>> rectangle is selected, no block entries or motions seem possible,
>> etc.

Le Replied:
> The audio describes what's going on.  He pressed C-enter to start selecting
> a rectangle.

Thanks... yes I see/hear it all now.... I was viewing it on a session
of firefox pulled across the network with `Xming', and homed at a
machine where I never have sound activated....  I often run emacs-gnus
that way on a windows machine and when I click a link it runs firefox
from the remote linux (no sound) machine and running in the Xming session.

I just lost track of which firefox instance I was viewing from.

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