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Cthun-bot discussion

From: TheFlyingDutchman
Subject: Cthun-bot discussion
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 16:02:50 -0800 (PST)
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On Mar 1, 3:46 pm, Cthun <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 01/03/2011 5:47 PM, TheFlyingDutchman wrote:
> > On Mar 1, 2:37 pm, Cthun<address@hidden>  wrote:
> >> On 01/03/2011 5:19 PM, TheFlyingDutchman wrote:
> >>> What does your discussion of Version Control have to
> >>> do with Lisp, Cthun?
> >> It has as much to do with Lisp as Janney's posts, Dutchman. Suffering
> >> from reading comprehension problems, Dutchman?
> > If your comments about Version Control in a Lisp newgroup are kosher,
> > then so are Mr. Janney's.
> If the situation were symmetrical, you'd have a point, Dutchman, but in
> fact the situation is not symmetrical. Somebody was the first to raise
> the topic of version control, Dutchman, and it wasn't me.

Mr. Janney was not the first to raise the topic of version control so
the Cthun-bot has no case, as the symmetry is excellent. I hate to
denigrate programming efforts, but the Cthun-bot appears to be the
work of an unskilled amateur. It's not clear why it was released
without further testing, and why it isn't withdrawn until it can at
least get to a state that a programmer could be somewhat proud of.

> > Suffering from logic problems, Cthun?
> No, but thanks for your concern, Dutchman. But what does your question
> have to do with Lisp, Dutchman?

What does your question have to do with Lisp, Cthun-bot?

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