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Re: What's your favourite *under_publicized* editing feature ofEmacs?

From: javax.swing.JSnarker
Subject: Re: What's your favourite *under_publicized* editing feature ofEmacs?
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 20:44:55 -0500
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On 24/02/2011 6:14 PM, Xah Lee wrote:
Lennart's EmacsW32+Emacs does that for Windows.

my humble ErgoEmacs does it.

David Reitter's AquamacEmacs does it.

all these by default have keybindings that's radically different from
GNU Emacs. (in Lennart's EmacsW32 you have to turn it on.) They also
add various UI improvements

I'd be more impressed by that claim if it were actually difficult to do. But making emacs segfault on startup would qualify as a UI improvement, so ...

from what i've seen in GNU emacs mailing list, any little suggestion
about incorporating any UI change into GNU Emacs is met with major
resistance and debate. Almost everytime, giant fireball blows up in
the list.

The correlation between emacs and flamewars is well known by now.

In <address@hidden>, Lew admitted:
> The JLS is obfuscatory in parts

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