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Re: Official Git mirror?

From: jun yu
Subject: Re: Official Git mirror?
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 11:38:46 -0800

I think git that is more quickly.

2011/2/23 Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>:
>> From: Giorgos Keramidas <address@hidden>
>> Newsgroups:
>> Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 10:16:10 +0100
>> I started a new 'bzr branch' this morning, when I got to the office,
>> using the nosmart option.  It's been running for more than an hour now,
>> it has transferred 500 MB of data, and all this on a laptop running
>> Ubuntu 10.10 LTS with ample free disk space and connected to the very
>> fast internal network of Google.
> Like I said, the nosmart operation moves about 780MB of data on the
> initial "bzr branch" command.  The resulting branch directory is
> around 690MB.  With git, I get 632MB and 780MB respectively (but that
> includes all the branches, so it should be larger).
>> This is a *lot* of data for something that is supposed to fetch only the
>> trunk of Emacs.
> The trunk (or, actually, the first branch you download into a shared
> repository) brings in the bulk of the revision history.  Additional
> branches are mush smaller and their checkouts are much faster, because
> they share a lot of revisions with the trunk, and "bzr branch" then
> brings only the revisions that are not on the trunk.  Try another
> branch command for emacs-23, for example.
>> It took 3989.501 real / 581.270 user / 15.990 sys
>> seconds to fetch everything and the resulting .bzr/ directory contains
>> 233 MB of data:
>>   address@hidden:~/bzr/trunk$ du -sh .bzr/
>>   233M    .bzr/
> About an hour is what we can get now, yes (I got as little as 16 min,
> but that was on a system sitting on the same LAN as
>; otherwise, I get between 0:45 and 1:10).
>> This is not very fast, but I'll keep using the bzr branch to see how
>> future updates go.
> Please don't forget NOT to use nosmart+ after the initial branch
> command.

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