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Using the update buffer feature of template.el

From: Jay Bingham
Subject: Using the update buffer feature of template.el
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 20:55:55 GMT

I apologize for the nearly duplicate post, but I forgot to put a subject on the 
previous message.

I began using template.el many years ago to create new files. I had always 
meant to figure out how to automatically update the Version: $ID: line that 
appears in several of the templates (makefile, el, cls, sty & tex) that come 
with template.el. After investigating template.el I find it appears to provide 
the capability to do this via the template-update-buffer function and the 
associated variables template-auto-update, template-update-buffer-alist and 
template-header-regexp-alist. Unfortunately I find that the documentation 
describing how to do this is not very clear, at least to me.
I am wondering if anyone on this list has used the auto update feature in 
template.el to automatically update the Version: $ID: line, and if so you could 
provide me an example of how to accomplish this. It appears to me that I will 
need to provide a function that will actually do the updating. What is unclear 
to me is how to set up the associated variables to cause this to happen 

While I am fairly sure that it does not matter which version of emacs I am 
running and the operating system I am using, just in case it does, I am running 
emacs 23.2 on Windows XP.


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