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Re: What's your favourite *under_publicized* editing feature ofEmacs?

From: D Herring
Subject: Re: What's your favourite *under_publicized* editing feature ofEmacs?
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 02:16:46 -0500
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On 02/22/2011 09:33 PM, Rafe Kettler wrote:
On Feb 22, 9:06 pm, Cthun<address@hidden>  wrote:
On 22/02/2011 2:47 PM, Alan Mackenzie wrote:

There seems to be a contradiction between those last two paragraphs.
Saving buffers and finding files are relatively rare operations which
thus shouldn't be given very easy to press key sequences like C-s and

Where do you live where software never crashes and the electricity never
goes out? Most of us learn to save very frequently to limit how much
we'll have to do over again if the power goes out or whatever.

Emacs is really, really stable. My computer hasn't crashed in the past
6 months, either. The power hasn't gone out in 3 months or so here
(eastern US).

Save and open are relatively infrequent command relative to others
(actual typing, cursor movement, etc.). It's also nice to have a
slightly more complex incantation for save so that you don't save
anything you might not want to (I know you can undo but if you don't
realize what you did you could be in for a problem).

Emacs already uses autosave "#file#"s (see auto-save-timeout, auto-save-interval, etc.). You don't have to do manual saves to guard against accidental loss.

My main reasons for saving are to make changes visible to other programs (e.g. gitk or a compiler). But this key sequence doesn't slow that down noticeably. Just remember C-x opens the file menu and C-s selects save...

- Daniel

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