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Re: Enabling/disabling minor modes based on major mode

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Enabling/disabling minor modes based on major mode
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 21:13:53 -0700
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On 2/22/11 6:40 AM, Gary wrote:
Is there a nice, consistent, way to do this?

 From reading around I found
| (add-hook 'term-mode-hook '(lambda() (set (make-local-variable
|                                             'global-hl-line-mode) 0)))
but that's clearly specific to global-hl-line-mode.

Or is it? Could I do the same with, say, yas/minor-mode for the
yasnippet modes? Is
| (set (make-local-variable '<minor-mode-name>) 0)
guaranteed to work for all minor modes?

No: Some minor modes can only be enabled/disabled by calling the mode's
function with a positive/negative argument -- the mode's variable is
just a read-only indicator of whether it is enabled or disabled.

Kevin Rodgers
Denver, Colorado, USA

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