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Re: Official Git mirror? -- Request

From: andrea crotti
Subject: Re: Official Git mirror? -- Request
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 15:57:03 +0100

2011/2/21 Perry Smith <address@hidden>

I wish folks would pick one SCM and stick with it.  Porting the SCM to
AIX just so I can check out some project is a pain.  There seems to be
at least a half dozen SCMs right now.  They all do exactly the same
thing.  Why are so many people recreating the exact same wheel?  The
current nightmare of SCMs makes me dream of the old days when everyone
used SVN.

Any chance GNU could pick git or the git folks pick


I agree that it's really a mess, and not mentioning mercurial/darcs and others, but I don't agree on missing SVN ;)

The thing is that everyone is more productive with what uses most of the time (I use git for example), and maybe there are also some "political" reasons behind the adoption of one or the other.

SVN was not too bad for that, it could be used as a backend and then anyone could work with git/svn whatever.
But it's surely not the optimal path.

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